Inspiring Blog Award Nomination for The Book Jacket Blog

Thank you Thank you Thank you, Isidora, for the Inspiring Blogg Award nomination. Your work with Isis and Dionysus has continued to inspire me over the years and your blog, Isiopolis, a votive work in honor of the the goddess Isis, is the perfect way to spread the word about this most wondrous goddess. Blessings to you, Isidora, at the rising of Her star.

The rules for the “Inspiring Blog Award” are:

• Acknowledge and thank the giver.

• Link back to the nominator’s blog.

• Put the award on your Homepage

• List seven things about yourself.

• Give the award to seven bloggers who inspire you.

And so…

Seven things about me:
 I find it very difficult to think of seven things about me that I want to tell the internet.
 I love to read, and my favorite genres are fantasy and murder mysteries.
 I just finished the steam punk YA Leviathan trilogy, by Scott Westerfeld—wonderful.
 I’ve written two young adult fantasy novels and am finding that it is more difficult to publish a novel than to write one.
 Working in the garden, close to green, growing things feeds my soul.
 I have a husband and two sons–or they have me. One son is married and the other one is busy planning a wedding with his fiance.
 A Siamese cat who craves cantaloupe runs our household.

Seven blogs that inspire me:

Isiopolis, a Votive Work in Honor of the Goddess Isis
The Writing Life Too
Malcolm’s Round Table, Where Magic is Shaken, not Stirred
Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog
For the Socially Conscious Marketer in All of Us

Thank you all for your precious thoughts, ideas, images, and information. They mean so much to me.


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One response to “Inspiring Blog Award Nomination for The Book Jacket Blog

  1. Congratulations. You have a great blog. And thanks for including my blog on your list of nice places.


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