In Memoriam

Weddings and funerals are the rituals that bind community and families together. They are also events that are quite magical because they take place in a twilight zone, a time that is neither one thing nor the other, neither this nor that. The bride and groom have

from: Liminality…the space in between

ended their single lives and the wedding marks the beginning of their marriage. The deceased has ended her life in this world and is beginning her afterlife. Both rituals mark a time for intense attitude adjustment for the celebrants and the threshold of a new life for those who are being celebrated. They are times of power when our world and the other world overlap. They are times when synchronicities happen with unnerving consistency.

Last weekend I attended the memorial of a friend who died way too young. She was a quiet woman with a wicked sense of humor, a talented artist, a loving wife, and an admirer of wolves. It was a comfort to remember her along with so many other people who knew her story and could tell me even more about her.

The Star, Thoth deck

As I was leafing through a scrapbook of pictures of her I came to her picture at the 2001 Northwest Fall Equinox Festival. That year the festival was all about the tarot. Each presenter chose a major arcana card and did a booth representing it. Throughout the weekend, festival attendees could stop by a booth, learn about the tarot key and collect the card. I had totally forgotten that she was The Star.

Of course she was The Star. Her name was Debbie Hope.

I am currently writing about The Star for this blog.

In just a few days I will be attending the 2012 Northwest Fall Equinox Festival.



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2 responses to “In Memoriam

  1. Could you post that picture of Deb as The Star? I wasn’t able to attend the memorial, but I have such a strong sense of her from the year she was Beltaine Queen. Peter was so vocal that weekend, but Deb just hummed. I could feel it when I hugged her, and hum surrounded us at the Flats. It was one of the mellowest, and best attended SABs I attended.

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